Room 1
(Emerald A)
Room 2
(Emerald B)
Room 3
(Sapphire A)
Room 4
(Sapphire B)
B2F Aisle
October 11 (Wednesday)
09:30~18:00 Registration
10:00~11:40 WA1 WA2
Space Technology Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
11:40~13:00 Lunch(1F - Diamond restaurant)
13:00~14:20 WB1 WB2
[Invited Session]
Dynamics, Monitoring, Vibration and Control
Heat Transfer
14:20~14:30 Break time
14:30~16:10 WC1 WC2
[Invited Session]
Materials & Structures 1
Fluid Mechanics1
16:10~16:20 Break time
16:20~18:20 WD1
[Invited Session]
Space, Aerospace Industries
18:20~ Welcome Reception(Emerald B)
October 12 (Thursday)
08:30~18:00 Registration
09:00~10:20 TA1 TA2
Aircraft Design and Optimization Materials and Structures1
10:20~10:30 Break time
10:30~11:50 TB1 TB2
Fluid Mechanics2 Materials and Structures2
11:40~13:20 Lunch(1F - Diamond restaurant)
13:20~13:35 Opening Ceremony
(Emerald A+B)
Congratulatory Speech : President. Jong Seung Park (ADD)
Congratulatory Speech : President & CEO. Goo Young Kang (KAI)
13:35~14:35 Keynote Session CEO. Soo Jong Kim (Innospace)
CEO. Jae Pil Park (Nara Space Technology)
14:35~14:40 Break time
14:40~15:00 Congratulatory Speech Prof. Chang duk Kong (Chosun University)
Prof. Shenyan Chen (Beihang University)
Prof. Dipak Kumar Maiti (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Prof. Jia-Lin Tsai (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
Prof. Mahir Dursun (Gazi University)
Prof. Abhijit Mukherjee (Curtin University)
15:00~16:30 Keynote Session Prof. Zhen Rong (Zhejiang University)
Prof. Bhrigu Nath Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Pop Artist. Nancy Gloria Lang (Contemporary Artist)
16:30~18:10 Break time
18:10~ Banquet
October 13 (Friday)
08:30~11:30 Registration
09:00~10:30 FA1 FA2
[Invited Session] Aerodynamics & Optimization 1 [Invited Session] Materials & Structures 2 SASE Fall Conference
10:30~10:40 Break time
10:40~12:10 FB1 FB2
[Invited Session] Aerodynamics & Optimization 2 [Invited Session] Materials & Structures 3 SASE Fall Conference
11:50~13:00 Lunch(1F - Diamond restaurant)
13:00~14:40 FC1 FC2 FC3 FC4 Poster Session
High Speed Aerodynamics1 Materials and Structures 3 Vibration Analysis & Control Miscellaneous Topics
14:40~14:50 Break time
14:50~16:30 FD1 FD2 FD3 FD4
High Speed Aerodynamics2 Materials and Structures 4 Control, Navigation, and Guidance Unmanned Vehicles
16:40~17:00 Closing Ceremony
October 14 (Saturday)
09:00~18:00 Technical Visit

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